For the eighth year in a row, "Skaitmeninė statyba" continues the tradition and organizes the annual competition "Lithuanian BIM projects" aimed at selecting the best practices of the country's companies, applying Building Information Modelling (BIM) technologies and methodology.

Lithuanian engineers, designers and construction companies are rapidly advancing on the digitalization path: BIM is becoming an integral part of their project implementation. Every year, an increasing number of companies applying BIM in their activities are counted, and the digital construction projects created by the country's specialists represent Lithuania on the international market as well.

"Digital data and state infrastructure management are becoming an integral part of modern engineering. Every year, the construction projects implemented in the state have more and more smart digital solutions, and the open data concept of the "buildingSMART" alliance is becoming an actual challenge for companies operating infrastructure facilities and specialists applying BIM. We are happy that the maturity level of BIM in the country is rapidly changing," says Dalius Gedvilas, president of the Lithuanian Construction Association (LCA) and chairman of the "Lithuanian BIM Projects" competition commission.

It should be noted that from 2022 March 1 legal acts on the mandatory application of BIM in public procurement came into force.

In seven years, as many as 171 applications with private and state BIM projects implemented by Lithuanian companies were submitted to the "Lithuanian BIM projects" competition.

Applications with implemented BIM projects for the competition "Lithuanian BIM projects 2023" can be submitted from 2023. February 20 until 2023 April 7

The initial registration form for projects is HERE. Contest regulations HERE.

Implemented BIM projects will be evaluated based on:

- Using BIM for design, construction and operation solutions
- Using BIM for sustainability and "green" construction
- Innovative use of project information and standards

Projects will be evaluated in 9 categories:

- The best BIM project for public buildings
- The best BIM project for residential buildings
- The best BIM project for production buildings
- Best transport infrastructure BIM project
- The best engineering networks BIM project
- The best BIM project of other engineering structures
- The best BIM project abroad
- The best city model BIM project
- Best student BIM project

Why participate?

- Contest participants, after the commission has evaluated the submitted projects, will be included in the public register of Lithuanian companies capable of creating digital construction project models and applying BIM methodology (
- Participants will receive the recommendation of VšĮ "Skaitmeninė statyba" in public procurement tenders and/or other awards
- The projects will be publicized through the means of the organizers
- Project providers are given 2 free tickets each to the conference "Digital construction 2023. Vilnius", which will be held during the construction exhibition RESTA 2023.

The winners of the contest "Lithuanian BIM projects 2023" will be announced and the projects implemented by them will be presented during the conference "Digital construction 2023. Vilnius".

Contest participant registration fee – 100 EUR (the project is registered for the contest when the contestant registration fee is paid).

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