KF 9653 CopyDalius Gedvilas

President of the Lithuanian Construction Association


On the 25th anniversary of Lithuanian Construction Association

September 2018


The Lithuanian Construction Association has an interesting history of 25 years full of numerous challenges. For this experience we are primarily grateful to the founders of the Association, the most initiative representatives of the construction sector at that time who saw the need of unity and community to strengthen the field of construction. We are proud that together we have created a strong and active organization. The Association has matured and now it is ready to meet new challenges.

Over the years, many factors, such as political changes, economic difficulties, emigration and change of technologies, have been changing the construction sector in Lithuania; however, its importance and impact to the country’s economy has remained strong.

Within the recent 15 years, export markets have changed as well. After the restoration of independence, we used to receive the major part of income for the export of construction services from Eastern countries (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus), but currently the construction sector of Lithuania records the highest results of services export for the services provided to Western countries. Lithuanian constructors have gained trust of the customers from the Old Europe and it is a huge achievement of construction companies and a solid foundation for the future.

Each time period has its own features and we also live in a very interesting era. The world is at the threshold of the fourth industrial revolution. In a similar way as inventions of steam engine, electricity, computers and information technologies has changed the world, it is now being changed by universal digitalization, interactive and self-operating devices and systems or large amounts of information. It will undoubtedly affect, or even now affects, construction activities as well. Six or seven years ago the Lithuanian Construction Association began wide discussions about digital construction and BIM methodology, and in 2014 it united forces with other associations of the construction sector and established the Public Institution Skaitmeninė statyba (Digital Construction). The hard work of the founder and the persuader gave results, as it was officially announced that the design and construction of important public buildings will be carried out using BIM methods and technologies applied from July 2020. The Public Institution Skaitmeninė statyba and the Lithuanian Construction Association will continue this important mission with the aim to develop ideas of digital construction in the construction sector and to help the construction business to smoothly accept innovations.

The topic of employees and their competences is always relevant and especially important. Here we have to mention the newest initiative of the Lithuanian Construction Association that hopefully will significantly change the situation of human resources management in the construction sector. It is the already operating new voluntary evaluation system of competences and qualifications of employees in the construction sector, an information portal, a register of competences and an analysis tool for evaluation of employment needs, called STATREG. The system is directly related to the introduction of the builder’s card. This card would help workers to quickly, reliably and comfortably prove that they work legally, are familiarized with labour safety requirements and have competences necessary for high-quality work. The Lithuanian Construction Association has initiated the implementation of these measures that are successfully used in foreign countries with the aim to make construction more transparent and safe. It is a large project that requires versatile cooperation with state authorities, as well as education and other institutions, but we believe that together we are able to fight problems in the sector, such as corruption, accidents on construction sites and incompetent work.

We aim that the Lithuanian Construction Association strengthens its role as the main actor in the unified sector and this entails a lot of responsibility.

Congratulating all those who have created, strengthened and supported the Lithuanian Construction Association on its 25th anniversary, I invite you to join forces for new works. The Lithuanian Construction Association always welcomes you.